What does TUMUXW mean?

In our Hul’q’umi’num language, Tumuxw is the
earth, the land and all its resources – our world.
[xw is pronounced like a cat hissing]

Listen to the pronunciation of Tumuxw

Our logo was designed by Coast Salish artist, Luke Marston to symbolize our mission to nurture the natural way of the land by sharing traditional knowledge and preparing the world for generations to come.

Great Horned Owl brings wisdom and medicine from the eternal world/context and carries the teachings on to share with others. This wisdom carrier has been found on ancient stone bowls used by shamans in healing rituals.

In Owl’s wing, Frog represents another strong messenger with our ancestors. Frog is a traditional symbol of cleansing and protection and connects us to both the land and water.

The outer circle – which represents our global community – is the colour of Red Cedar and ceremonial medicine that is made from earth and used for protection.


Listen to the pronunciation of Laxələwetstnaat


“Tricia Thomas is a woman with a vision and a voice. She is a strategic thinker and storyteller, with impressive visual skills to bring those stories to life.”

Doug Brown, Brand Intervention
“You create success – not only for yourself, but for those around you. When you share stories about your achievements, and your goals for the future – it is always in connection with others.

It is inspiring to see the world through your perspective of interconnectivity and growth for not only yourself, but for your community… it’s a wonderful thing to be swept up in your vision.”

Bodie Elliott, Founder, Loopin Business Services Ltd

“Tricia is a Trailblazer because although the business school and university have the best of intentions in bring justice, equity, diversity and inclusion forward, we’re in the infancy stages… Tricia has shown up to bring her cultural identity throughout the program.

If we can lift up the value of thinking through cultural lenses more, we’ll build stronger and more self-aware leaders – and Tricia has modeled that for the program.

Melanie Wartenberg, MBA, MA, LMFT, Life Abroad Coaching and Consulting

“I have had the pleasure to work with Tricia on community education and training programs.  Tricia brings a special energy and a practical approach that connects well with the students in the class that brings out their full potential. 

Tricia is a skilled facilitator that guides conversations and deals with difficult conversations with expertise.”

Brent Mainprize, PhD, University of Victoria
You have a strong desire to help people and even more, you have a sound plan on how to achieve it. I feel great admiration and respect for your vision and approach and I also feel truly fortunate that our paths have crossed!”
Ed Wisernig, B.Eng, PhD, CEO and Founder, Wiser Marine Technologies Ltd.

Highlighted Project History


Indigenous Early Learning in Childcare in B.C. Engagements

Consultant | Lead Facilitator

Co-development and design of critical engagement sessions for Indigenous child care in B.C., fostering collaboration, policy shaping, and advancing Indigenous self-determination in early learning in child care. The partners include the Ministry of Education and Child Care, First Nations Health Authority, BC Aboriginal Child Care Society, Aboriginal Head Start Association of BC, Métis Nation BC, and the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres.


Governance Strengthening – Divisional Identity Building

Consultant | Lead Facilitator

Collaboratively creating and facilitating workshops aimed at supporting Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Úxwumixw (Squamish Nation) government in developing distinct divisional identities.


Cultural Safety and Humility Project

Community Engagement | Production Lead

Sharing and translating Indigenous knowledge from eleven Indigenous communities to inform cultural safety and humility education to transform health services.


B.C. climate aligned energy framework

Consultant | Lead Facilitator

Co-design and led First Nation engagements for the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation’s (EMLI) Energy Framework.


B.C. Emergency Management Regulations

Break-out Facilitator

Facilitated key discussions with BC First Nations for the development of B.C.’s new emergency management regulations, shaping its design and ensuring cultural considerations, specifically the Compensation and Disaster Financial Assistance Regulation and the Local Authority Emergency Management Regulation.


Re-building Nationhood Project

Consultant | Liaison | Lead Facilitator

“Rebuilding Nationhood” through supporting governance capacity development in five First Nations across BC.


First Nation Energy Summit

Master of Ceremonies

Co-MC’d a two-day Clean Energy BC conference, uniting industry professionals for networking, expert sessions, and a trade show.


BC hydro call for power

Consultant | Lead Facilitator

Co-design and delivery of workshops to support First Nations collaboration on a new ‘Call For Power’ announced June 2023 for the acquisition of new energy resources in British Columbia


Regional Energy and Resources Table – British Columbia

Consultant | Facilitator

An initiative between federal/provincial/ territorial governments, Indigenous partners, and others to identify, prioritize and pursue opportunities for sustainable economic growth for a low-carbon future across British Columbia.


Biomass Opportunities Project

Consultant | Lead Facilitator

Community engagement sessions with Nisga’a citizens to discover biomass opportunities on Nisga’a lands.


National Early Childhood Development Evaluation Projects

Aboriginal Head Start Association of BC

Photography and video, web design and technical support on many projects, partnering with Animikii Indigenous Technology to create National membership site.


Cultivating Indigenous Sovereignty Through Solar Energy

Consultant | Project Lead

Developed First Nation Consulting Framework and business model innovation to provide a pathway for solar array solutions in remote and challenging areas of northern BC.


The Navigators Project

Consultant | Lead Facilitator

Conducted focused workshops to support First Nation communities’ economic participation in potential energy developments on community lands and beyond.


Deloitte International National Executive Services Conference: To Inspire, Innovate, Influence and Imagine Together

Keynote Speaker

Delivered keynote address on
Incorporating Truth and Reconciliation into Business.


Centering an Indigenous Worldview in the Value for Money Paradigm Project

Consultant | Production Lead


Kw’umut Lelum Child and Family Services Urban Expansion Project


Indigenous Community Engagement with 9 First Nation communities.